What is the idea behind WOX’opreneur Contest? We all know about the Elevator Pitch, the 30-second pitch that you would deliver to your CEO or to an investor whom you meet in an elevator, where you have until the elevator doors open to pitch your great idea. What’s the one sentence that describes your product or idea ?  It’s essential for every prospective Entrepreneur (including aspiring ones) to have his/her elevator pitch polished and ready for every opportunity that comes your way.

What is this contest?

Its not the 30-seconds Elevator Pitch but the 140 characters ‘Tweet Pitch’! So comes the newest mantra, ‘The Tweet Pitch’. What is the core essence of your product, in 140 characters or less? How is it different from others & what makes it unique? So, if you only had 140 characters to sell your idea – which characters would you choose?

Participate & Win Big

Record your Business Idea ‘WOX’eet in 140 characters and compete with the best and the brightest. The winner of every month will be rewarded INR 25,000 (or equivalent in US$) prize money. Woxsen will record all ideas (or ‘WOX’eets) and announce the winner by the 5th of the coming month across all its electronic platforms. An individual can apply only once every month.

sony 4            Got a Business Idea …express it in form of a tweet and WIN,check out this through the link below:


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