Working Hard Is Not Good Enough

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We all have grown up hearing the importance of HARD WORK in being successful in Studies , Job , Business or for that matter anything in life.I also thought that I could achieve anything in Life if I worked hard at it and at any failure of mine after lot of contemplation,the reason of my Failure came out to be-I Didn’t Worked hard It.


One fine day I came across a beautifully crafted book “Working Hard Is Not Good Enough” by the author TGC Prasad. After reading this magnificent book ,the only thing which I can say in this 21st century digital age is that


Working Hard Is Not Good Enough” is one of the most lucid management book with a lot of insights and interesting examples of real world successes that inspires you and demystifies the question you have been pondering on since your childhood “what it takes to be successful”?


The best thing about this book is that it hits the right chord among the different sections of people in different age groups,who want to succeed in life but think Hard Work is the only mantra that can get you what you want.


This book would relate to YOU whether:

  •   YOU are a MBA aspirant/Student or pursuing some undergraduate studies in search of YOU to strike that SUCCESS mantra .
  • YOU are an Entrepreneur who is looking for the magic IDEA that would change the world in a sense and subsequently create a lucrative business!
  • YOU are into some Job and have lately found out that your Ladder has reached a dead end.
  • YOU are a high school student preparing for competitive exams and are feeling the heat of peer pressure….
  •  YOU are a Concerned Parent of any of the above and have always guided your child with the importance of Hard Work. This book will completely change your perspective about it and rather inspire you and your child to crack the bigger question of what it takes to be successful?




Since our childhood we are always found fixing our weakness and do not pay much heed to our Strengths. This book promises to inspire YOU to bring out and develop your strengths, motivates you, enlightens you.


This book also emphasizes on dealing failures in life and their importance in being Successful in the long run.It shares the success stories of the most eminent personalities the world knows today who have had some big failures in life and how they converted their failures into big time success.

As said by Bill Cosby,

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure

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