We will die and they will Live – Artificial Intelligence!

It is said that every time you blink your eyes, a new device in the form of a vivid technology is invented. And it is believed that a human being in spite of possessing huge information gaining capability, can never cope up with the fast growth of upcoming inventions. So how do we put this all? Are we living on this planet from millions of years and have still not achieved maturity or stability for no unpolished inventions to take place? Or is the field of science and technology, unlike other discipline, an infinite source of information?



For thousands of years we have tried to decode our thoughts and the process of thinking and now we aim for building robots smarter than us! Probably yes, because they possess sensors and actuators, which are far more accurate, and we live on “nerves-carrying-information” bodily architecture. Probably no, because they are far less rational than accustomed humans and our manner of reasoning.


In an interview, a renowned scientist claimed that “The day when we build a device more smarter than humans, that would be humans last ever invention”. With the current progress, although rising in an exponential manner, it would take a few decades, if not centuries for such an idea to take birth. But what it takes to be more intelligent than humans? One of the difference between wires cuddled device and rational human is that we act according to the changing environment and it may differ dynamically.



We integrate our past experience with the present risk and act accordingly. Whereas artificial agents act vividly considering individual obstacles as they come. While we may guess the future situations, they work real-time. They function according to the program, program which is written in their physical memories. They sense the environment with the help of sensors, sensors which are installed in them. But if an unknown situation comes , this wire cuddled agents become dumb and restless. They will not be able to perform any task. Because they lack Common sense which we possess.


Robots can actually do things easily which we cannot like high accuracy of sensing the environment, long visions and best accuracy. But they cannot perform things which we can easily like thinking rapidly and acting adversely. But this trend is changing.Researchers are realizing the fact that writing program of thousands of scripts also wont serve the basic purpose of building a robot with hundredth of intelligence of that of a human. Its now the time to give this artificial agents its real knowledge in the form of common sense.



While building this, the most important parameter is “Logic”! It will have a  logic of its own, it will be capable of taking decisions on its own. It will be capable of handling difficult and dangerous situations, and hence make an entry into automobile manufacturing and operation theater. It is to develop a device which can act in the most uncertain conditions as nothing in this world is cent percent certain and no two conditions can ever be alike.


In the field of technology, if it isn’t now, it will be in near future. Everything is possible to be developed and designed. Artificial agents will too develop into a self thinking, self maturing and self reasoning rational agents like we humans. They will adapt to different environmental conditions with the help of their past knowledge, one day will definitely ask a question to humans : “Why have u made me like this?”. This would be the time when the will definitely outsmart humans in almost all walks of life.There will be a time when we will handover this world to the robots and all the future generations of these artificial agents will rule.


They will survive this uncertainty of this planet and would surely be like : “We will die and they will live” – the future world of artificial intelligence!

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