Talk to Oneself

Going through everyday life. I smiled, I freaked, I was calm and I was impatient. I walked with a shine. I sat like I am fine. I sung like I had the heaven to listen. I was always enough for me.
I had no demands I had no complaints.

But, One day I met him!
He was as pure as a Magic. He was No-Less then Me.
Meeting him, made me meet myself. I explored myself much.
That smiling always was not necessary but knowing your inner self was. Everyday we sat talking!
Talking about One. Talking about, what makes us smile! What makes us cry! What makes us act like “Shit, I’m in Love”
And you know what was the most common thing we shared!?
“Emotions”. We shared emotions.

It was the day when he asked me to come a little late,
though in an excitement I thought that I’ll arrive early.

There was nobody.
I waited for hours, the day ended.
And the other day and the other, and it so went on for a week.
When I finally realized he was just a STRANGER.
A Stranger who was no less then a Mirror.
He made me understand, how important it is to talk to your own self.
And know yourself.
Know what pinches you inside! That you get that tear in the corner of your eyes. What makes you laugh so loud!? That you lean on floor and float like a baby. What makes you Silent!? That even in a room full of crowd you are Lonely. These “What’s” were now Diving within.
I had answers to all my questions now. I was clueless what he did to me!
Did he just show me the mirror? Or he just made me see through my Own-self! Or did I just needed some-one to tell me that LOOK INTO YOU TO GET ALL ANSWERS.

I didn’t know what he was; he was a Reason or Lesson.

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