Sounds Of Silence : Giving sounds to the deaf & voice to the mute

Idea : Empowering hearing impaired students with a mobile phone so that , they can connect to the outer world and also get trained by an Oxford certified English course so that they can get jobs in companies like GE, ALDO , MANGO , Dominoes .More details on

This is really a simple idea , but having a huge impact and noticeable change in students behavior and IQ ( 60 to 90 in a period of 3 months ). Trained 550 + students with mobile technology across Mumbai and Delhi
Some other Achievements of these initiatives are as follows:

1. World Education Summit Award for Innovation in Special Needs Kids

2. Vodafone Mbillionth Awards across South Asia

3. All India Deaf Society accreditated

Youth led Sounds of Silence leadership Program : Where young folks across country join together to make a change in hearing impaired community , at the same time they get trained by folks from IIMS , SPjain nd Harvard Business School .

Detailed Description:
Sounds of Silence (SOS) is a leadership initiative aimed at freeing a million lives from the pain of silence and lack of expression. SOS has been started by socially responsible youngsters who want to use technology as a means of helping the hearing and speech impaired children of rural and urban India to overcome the hurdles of silence. This will be mainly done through the use of mobile phone SMS technology.
It is the first of its kind social initiative catering to the betterment of the speech and hearing impaired, that aims at the very basic requirement to understand them to empower them to communicate with people outside their small closed world, improve their English communication skills to improve their employability factor
Our volunteers will be personally training the students to express themselves better and keep a track of their academic and overall self development.
We have devised a course curriculum in tandem with the Oxford Syllabus for the Speech Impaired, which will lead to all round mental development of the children and help them overcome insecurity and lack of self confidence. They will come out of their social hemisphere and gain confidence to communicate freely with the outside world.
Once they learn to type using QWERTY phones they will be able to operate Computers and laptops which would empower them to be equivalent to each one of us. This introduction to technology will lead them to get white collared jobs at BPO’s and other companies that have agreed to hire SOS empowered adolescents. Thus, enabling them to earn their own livelihood.
The most significant is the social impact we have achieved in a short span of time. 9 schools in Mumbai and Delhi have adopted the SOS Curriculum, with more than 450 sos empowered kids.
Students trained under us are very well capable to communicate with normal people today and can send upto 100 SMS per day. Their IQ level has gone up from 65 to 93. Also we have provided employment to 3 students in Cetking an institute for MBA preparation and have places like Café Coffee Day, Sbarro, Starbucks ready to hire our kids post their completion of the training.
Eventually we plan to setup our own first hearing impaired chat based BPO by February end that will provide services to various eCommerce portals and quick serve restaurants.
Our main objective is to break a social stereotype wherein deaf and mute children find it difficult to openly communicate with people due to lack of exposure and proper training.
Our mission would be accomplished the day we create self sustainable deaf and mute communities which communicate and type much more effectively than any of us.
We give voice to the mute. We provide sounds to the deaf. We are ‘Sounds of Silence’.

Be a part of this change…its very simple…If  you wish to shop from Flipkart or Amazon, you can use this link the below. 1% of spend goes to “hearing impaired education – Sounds of Silence “.



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