NCFM: The best way to build your Financial Acumen!


  • NCFM stands for NSE’s Certification In Financial Markets.
  • NCFM is an online testing and certification programme. It tests the practical knowledge and skills required to operate in the financial markets.
  • If you are Engineer and planning to pursue MBA in Finance.This is the probably the cheapest finance certification available in the India to develop an inclination towards Finance.
  • If you are pursuing your Graduation in BBA, Bcom, BMS, BFM etc. and you are keen to make a career in Financial Markets then this certification provides the stepping stone to your dream career.
  • If you get perplexed while coming across the basic financial jargon’s used in Business magazines,newspapers etc,then this certification provides you with very basic modules to build your financial acumen used in daily life.


NCFM Modules

Click the link below for details:


How to crack NCFM modules?

  1. First,register online at
  2. Pay the standard fees Rs.1,686/-
  3. Book the test date atleast 15 days before the actual exam date as the slots fill very fast.
  4. You will get the printed study material in few days after registeration till then you can study from an online pdf of course material available on the website.
  5. For students have no prior knowledge about financial markets it is advisable to take on basic modules like Financial Markets:A Begineer’s Module(highly recommended)
  6.  Test consists of 60 questions with different marks allocated to each question;

Maximum marks=100

Passing Marks=50( for most of the modules)

Test Duration=120 minutes

(Tip:With 1-2 days of dedicated effort its very easy to score >90% in the Basic modules)



  1. At the end of your exam you get a stamped printout of your scorecard which is your Certificate and has a

Validity of 5 Years.

         Final Tip

  • For the Basic modules solve the Solve the Model Test given on the website really carefully,you would be surprised to see many questions in your actual paper a replica of the questions given in the model test.
  • All the Best and make your profile strong by cracking NCFM.




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