MOOCs: Learning anything in this world for no cost!

What is more fashionable than learning world sciences while siting at the luxury of your home and sipping a cup of coffee? Or have you ever imagined taking a course on cooking while actually cooking the same dish? If you ever wanted to learn from the best professors of the best universities of the World : MOOC is the Way to go! 


What is a MOOC?

  • MOOC stands for Massive Open online course
  • e learningWho can take these courses : Anyone…just anyone!
  • Which university provides MOOC:More than 200+

Universities provide MOOC’s in 1000+ of courses taken up by million’s of students around the world. This is a massive collection of data ranging from all the fields of studies. Well, in that case, you could take any course you like and master it.


What is the Course fee?
It’s free.. I think this data is sufficient to develop a sense of curiosity among the scholars around the world to read more…Education system as a whole was never so available to the masses as it is available now. Pay nothing to learn everything!


Now…a brief history of MOOC?
It started around 2007-08 but came into limelight in about 2011. How has it transformed online learning? It has transformed the traditional book-table reading to a more interactive and holistic one in terms of variety of subjects in which its offered and an engaging student experience where the student is given the liberty to choose time and place to take up the course and view online lectures by the best professors in the world,interact with a pretty diverse community of students across the globe. The learner needs just an internet connection and spare out a few minutes to register for the course before the start date.


Where can I find a MOOC?

The major online MOOCs with most popularity in terms of number of students and courses include:

Number of Universities providing MOOC’s:108 and growing like, CALTECH,Wharton School,Standord University and many top Universities. Number Of MOOC’s Offered:624 and growing

2) EDX
Number of Universities providing MOOC’s:32 and growing like, Harvard University,Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT),University of California Berkeley,Caltech and many other Top Universities.

3) Udacity

4) OpenLearning

5) Academic Earth

6) Khan Academy

7) Future Learn

8) iversity

9) Canvas

10) Udemy
And many more…


Subjects offered in these Courses?
There are a wide range of subjects reaching to the interest of most of the students and even Teachers or anyone eager to learn because learning does’nt have a finishing line,does it?The Courses are from a variety of fields such as Computer Science, Business&Management, Health&Medicine, Humanities, Engineering, Science, Art&Design, Music…you name it…they have it!



Do you get Any recognition by completing these courses?
Yes,most of the Universities provide a Statement of Accomplishment (Certificate of Completion) which helps you in building your profile, bagging the best jobs in Town, you experience a journey where learning is FUN!


Do these courses have some Deadlines?
Yes,most of the courses which provide you with a Statement of Accomplishment have certain deadlines in terms of last date for submission of Quiz, Project, Assignments. Some courses are also self paced which means you can take the course,view lectures,submit home work at your own pace but you don’t receive any recognition for that course.

no deadline


Conclusion: MOOC is the present and future of online learning,so go and grab the opputunity,learn and grow
each day,and make your education more holistic meaningful and Fun…Happy Learning!


happy learning


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