Inception of the Humans: The beginning of ‘us’!

U must have seen many other astronomy related articles, here on my blog….yes i do write it as this is what excites me…fascinates me…and helps me to know the place where we reside…how much ever we know it, and how much ever we will know it.

Our journey started a billion years ago in the only known planet that sustained life-Earth. The temperatures, humidity, resources and conditions are just appropriate for the humans to have evolved. And from then, the planet Earth became ours in true sense. We settled down in the rocky planet in search of food and and water and we were successful in doing so…we met all our requirements and grew. Families expanded and this is clearly seen from the population database which is approximately 6,898,100,000 as of now.

So, shall we call it as success of conquering the planet or success of survival for millions of years? Years which not always supported Humans. But wait, there is still a question pending to be answered- Are we alone in this universe? or are there others who have also survived for these years like us, or probably more than us. and if they do exist, then how do we find them? and where in this infinite space do we find them?

Our space explorations have been significant and bench-marking. I mean, these words might be small in front of so many researches being carried out in the space. We have sent probes on different planets, out telescopes continuously monitors the outer galaxy, the satellites sends the information back to the Earth and we do all the analysis of the received data. But it is a fact that we have only explored in the range of few light years and anything we know beyond that are human assumptions based on some theory. So how and when will we know this universe? or something beyond that? So when will we start exploring alien objects, not in the current galaxy, but hundreds or thousands of light years away? And then finally reach the informative end of the universe which is populated to be billions of light years big and constantly expanding (according to Hubble’s law).

I mean, it is not our fault that we are so small in size as compared to the vastness of the space that our presence or absence would hardly matter in this universe. Our small size and hence our small brains would probably never find the mysteries of dark matter but our explorations would go on till our capabilities extend. We are spending hundreds of billions of rupees on these researches to find out answers of our evolution, our existence, and our neighborhood.

Presently, our existence is less important than the race of survival. Existence theories would only fill our History books but the race of survival would take us to the future of existence of humans…though both are interlinked. I wished the fist ever generation of humans had Internet facility and they would have noted it down about how it all started.

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