From paper to tablets – The E-learning trend

elearningimage-1374674539Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever”, said a great man who never really died – Mahatma Gandhi.

The value of books (typically those heavyweight hard bound paper jacketed) was never really challenged until a fascinating breakthrough featured in the history of learning. It merely seemed to add a small alphabet ‘E’ to the former word called learning. It was not just a change; it was a change for better. This transformation (experts call it improvisation) made learning not just faster but smarter and predominantly Easier, and hence the name ‘E-learning’.

Theoretically putting the same in a textbook fashion, E-learning refers to the use of electronic media and information and communicational technology in learning and teaching. Now a typical technician also finds E-learning synonymous with multimedia learning, technology enhanced learning and bla bla bla….taking the practical advantage of this (basically what you would understand) would make me visualize a 5th grade guy to stop carrying a bag that’s half his own weight, bending his back and yet barely following what those books seemed to offer; instead learn something that he can imagine as rightly said, “tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and u bet, I’ll learn”.

Now I as an engineering grad (those typically frustrated ones) realize that until the last three years, would have to spend 30 bucks for a cab to get to a library for a particular page of a particular book or doubt compared to present day when what separates me and the solution to my query is just a click of the mouse. Isn’t that a change, no! It’s a revolution. Changing from a luxury to a necessity, this form of learning is practically going to crash all technical markets and possibly eradicate (may be this is too harsh) a word that people could not survive without, ‘books’.

Finally, u won’t know it unless you try. People say changing is a risk but I would say not changing is even riskier. In about a decade (as per an engineer’s calculation) we will not be witnessing a young enthusiast stick his head into a paged monster (the word book is gone by then) but will be exercising his fingers scroll down a page in his lappy or a tab. E-learning was an innovation which is slowly spreading its shadow over every physical way of learning. Technology never needs a mastermind, it just needs a reason and the drawback of this physical word called learning is that apt reason for something truly mammoth, something perfectly new to come up and rule this world of learning and teaching (not to forget).



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