Changing behaviours with Environment!

How would the rank stay if you would ask a new born to behave maturely, or shout at the parrot and command him not to shout back? In the same usance, how would the a wrestler feel if you ask him to stay calm throughout the game? What are we affected by behavioral changes?

Yes, and it does. Behavioral psychology plays a major role in the mortal life of human. You cannot keep your calm while playing aggressive, neither you can be aggressive while managing cool! Its a paradoxical truth.

In simple terms, your acting, thinking and feeling should be in right proportions and should be variable to best suit the proportionate environment.

Basic human behaviors like love, excited, hopeful, determined, certain, confused, guilty, ashamed, sad, afraid, or angry, or any other, is determined by the brain internally and facial expression externally.

Humans’ work isn’t over yet. The knowledge of behavioral psychology is far less important than to practically apply it. It even goes more grim with changing environments. For e.g., your state of mind in the office workplace is totally different to that in a friend’s party! And it has to be.

Personality is a paradigm of behavioral education – inside every human, to know!

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