A Step Ahead -

Now she knew that expectations make us worse than we already are.
She knew how to stand . She could do anything . She could even fly without wings. She had a spirit which helped her accept Rejection.

Yes. Rejections always makes human strong.
If you can accept a NO. You can do anything in life.
Saying no & accepting the same is the mantra to a patient life.

She accepted that No and started to move on in Life.
A rejection is no less then a self-realization.
Everyone should face that rejection once in their life to be able to cherish what we have in life

She dreamt to be a Traveler.
Who could visit a new place each day.
Who could explore as much as she can.
Clicking , Meeting , Trying , Walking was her new dream now.
But before a start she had to take a step back.
A Step back to Step ahead.

Her travel started when she began visiting her vicinity. .
Knowing people, knowing what they wanted from life.
Knowing how greedy we are.
Watching them smile even when they had nothing but a struggle to stay alive.. Living too demands certain basic necessities like food clothing and shelter.
They didn’t have any of these properly.
They had NOTHING .

They starved for days!
They had only 2 clothes to wear.
They slept anywhere .
But they were Happy & Satisfied.
And much much at peace.

Because they had with them the ability to accept a NO to things .
They never cribbed … things they didn’t have.
They accepted them.
They accepted their happiness which was bound to no food no shelter. Which came from within.

When I started my travel , I was just a traveler .
Now I’m a wanderer. It has changed me and my thinking towards life more then I ever thought. I’m not me anymore .
At least I’m not the same me I was.


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