8 Must do’s in your Engineering College

1. Be  a  Volunteer:

Not only will it earn brownie points in  your CV for your First Job but also…

  • teach you working in a team
  • networking
  • will keep you physically fit and mentally engaged
  • will teach you social and public relation skills



2. Participate in literary events like Debate and Group Discussion:

We all Engineer’s finally want a job,right?Ever wondered what HR’s want in you?

The answer to this is:

  • Before answering this question,let me make it very clear they are looking beyond your marks,they just want your  marks    to satisfy the eligibility criteria ,nothing more,nothing less.
  • They look for people who are Assertive and Articulate themselves well.
  • Participating in debates and GD’s  broadens your Horizon and adds to your self confidence
  • If you plan to go for MBA ,MS or for that matter even Campus Placement you are bound to face Group Discussions…so why not prepare yourself from the very Start.




3. Join  a Council:

You may choose to be a part of student council,IEEE,IETE,AIESEC,E-Cell(Entrepreneur Cell) depending on your branch of Engineering.You will get  to organise events at college festival which gives you unparalleled experience at leading teams,networking ,coordinating and managing tight deadlines.



4. Do Internship at a Startup during your semester in area of interest such as:

  • Content & Media:Work as content writer
  • Digital Marketing:Work towards SEO,Social Media promotions and so on.
  • Work as Web developer
  • Work in a NGO for some social cause and make a Difference
  • Work as a Mobile App developer
  • Be a Campus Ambassador for a tech startup


5. Do  MOOC in area of your interest


The Courses are from a variety of fields such as Computer Science, Business&Management, Health&Medicine, Humanities, Engineering, Science, Art&Design, Music….So,discover  and develop your interest for free.


6. Present a Technical Paper at College events and publish a Research  paper:


  • Student can publish their Research in academic journals or publish it with global society like IEEE etc
  • If you wish to pursue M.Tech/MS publishing a technical paper at undergraduate level is a MUST.


7. Do Projects:Innovate.Build.Invent:


  • Projects you do during your Engineering life are the most important part of your Learning and your CV for your first job.
  • Engineers are identified as Solution provider,so the bottomline to do a project should be to provide a solution to a real world problem.


8. College Startup:


The biggest companies we know today started in college dorm room with a IDEA and a Spirit to bring that Idea to reality.So,don’t wait to be in your late thirties with a safe capital to Startup.

All you need to do is to get your mind ticking to get THE IDEA of Future ,participate in B-plan Competitions and pitch  your ideas at various events and work passionately towards that Idea from college days itself.

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