7 Reasons why you should pursue a hobby?

As we move from our childhood and become adults, we build a certain personality through which world recognizes us. Our Hobbies and Interest are an integral part of our persona.

Our hobby not only helps us kill the boredom, but it also helps us in staying creative and happy. It is something that we are never ever tired of doing.

Here are the 7 reasons why you should pursue a hobby:

1. Discover the Real YOU:
You may be in any phase of your life but discovering and nurturing the child in you is as important as getting good grades, stock markets doing well, promotions and so on..

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2. Hobby:In the HR’s agenda
These days HR’s (Human Resource Department) focus has shifted from “GOOD GRADES” to the person inside you and hobbies and interest are also part of your Job Interview.


3. Selection of Hobby:

  • Hobby should bring out a creative YOU like Sketching,Photography,Blogging,Origami and so on.
  • Hobby should be Relaxing and a way to meditate like Yoga,Fishing,Gardening,Jogging and so on.
  • Hobby may include Sport’s which keeps you fit and develops competitive spirit in YOU like playing Cricket, Football, Tennis, Swimming and so on.


4. To Get into top notch Bschools:
If you are a student wanting to pursue management studies then pursuing hobbies seriously is a must as this develops a complete picture of an overall personality.You must also build on some specific interests like Stock Markets,Reading novels,Politics etc.

5. Social Networking OfflineNew Picture (1)
Pursuing Hobby is a great way to socialize and meet people who share your interest and build up relationships, start networking and enlighten your life.

6. Bored with the monotonic Life:
Hobbies gives a kick start to a dull and boring life,keeps you physically and mentally Healthy,and builds a enthusiasm about the new Tomorrow.

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7. Hobby: A Retirement plan
Whether you an Investment Banker retiring rich at 40 or a government employee retiring at 60,you can turn your hobby into a lateral career option which will not only help you financially but also be a pleasurable and relaxing activity keeping you active.

Hobbies play an important role in Personality Development, so START YOUNG and END YOUNG and Find the Right Road to Travel ..Happy Journey…


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