7.7 Life Decoded

We all must have heard people talking of the basic principles of life.  It’s like the A B C we never got to learn as children, but it’s never too late.  We all need that one shook to come in touch with the reality.  So let’s begin and have a look at the seven principles that have done wonders .

As the number associated with the principle increases, it’s importance in life does too.

1) Never dwell in the past: 1st

God gifted us with a life.  There’s the past, there’s the future but today is a gift and that’s why it’s called “the present”.  The past is over.  We must learn to forget the past.  There is no point in cribbing for the things that we could have or should have done.  Choose to move on in life and do something better with the given resources at that point of time.

2) The key is being grateful:


You should never forget the ALMIGHTY GOD.  From the first step you take in the morning to the last one before retiring on your bed, THANK GOD for all that he provided you with, during the day.  Never forget that god has been great.  You should also be grateful to all those who have added value to your growth.  Moreover, be a catalyst in other people’s growth.

3) Learn to walk in forgiveness:  


You can only seek forgiveness in the eyes of God, if you choose to forgive those who commit sins against you.  Forgiveness is an art. It’s liberating!  Forgive and forget for there is a strength that you will acquire every time you choose to forgive.


      4) 3 miracle words in life:


You must learn to value them more than anything.  They can turn any situation around.  All you need to do is use these miraculous words without hesitation.



           5) Never make decisions when you are EMOTIONAL:

3 very dangerous situations being; when you are:  ANGRY , HUNGRY OR WEARY.  Never allow your emotions to control your decisions.

5.2 th              5th                 5.3th

Make sure you feed your stomach with good food, mind with good thoughts and soul with goodness.


      6) Guard your HEART: When there is good inside you, no evil can harm you.

Protect your heart with HUMILITY, PURITY and INTEGRITY.

6.3th                     6.2th                        6th

Be humble in what you do, be pure at heart and never lose your integrity.


      7) Learn to walk with the HOLY SPIRIT: There are times when you feel down trodden, but there is one  who never  leaves your side and that is GOD.

No matter what the situation maybe, no matter how lonely and helpless you may feel, God is always there for you.  Just surrender yourself and ask for help.

There are times when you can’t find anyone to talk to or situations you can’t discuss with people, when you cannot trust anyone. Just put all your FAITH in GOD and you will receive the answers to all your questions.  HE will show YOU the WAY.


So just





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