5 realistic things to boost your exam preparation

Yet again we have reached the time of the year, when we have to gear up for the mighty task ahead..The Semester Exams. After getting over the so called formalities of our College Life- The Submissions and Vivas, we are dreaded with a pile of references, textbooks, last year paper solutions, the Special Notes handwritten by the Topper sitting on the first few benches throughout the Semester and few weeks of Preparatory Leave.


We all experience lazy days, late jittery nights, socially inactive moments, extra pounds getting  on, frequent caffeine breaks…and the same old Saga of final day revisions, gratuitous tensions…do you want this Semester Season to be the same Insane one, or for a change get along all this in a Calm, Composed, Confident yet Successful manner..Read on to find your the daily routine that  suits you and bring a positive change in your Learning Experience..


Lets begin and have a look at what needs to change or improved in our Daily Routine:


1) Physical Activity:

exerciseSuccess in Studies is dependent 90% on psychological factors and 10% on brain work. Health is given a back seat during the Exam Season. Studies have shown that a physically fit person can learn as much as 3 times more efficiently than a person who is surrounded by books during most part of the day. So,the very first thing which we could compulsorily add to our daily routine is a 30min jog early in the morning…or better hit the gym and give an energetic start to your day.



2) Breakfast:

break    Now, coming to the first meal of the day….I would rate it as the most important meal especially when you have a long …long day ahead of you to Study.
3 Golden rules:
a) Never miss your breakfast.
b) Eat light and fillings meal like fruits, milk ,wheat/corn flakes and so on..
c) Replace Coffee with a cup of Green Tea..will boost your immune system and works magical as  a stress reliever.


3) Plan your day:

New Pic (1) a) Chart out the list of topics you wish to study with a commitment to cover them before retiring for the day.
b) Try using 2 clock method…it really works: One clock working as usual…and Set the second clock to 12 noon, this is the tricky part…stop the second clock whenever you take a break and again start it while you resume study….At the end of the day, you will have the actual and the Effective number of Hours you studied that day.
c) Take an Account of the Effective number of hours you put in every day…with a promise to improve that number the Next day. Simple but Effective. Do try.


4) Social Networking Sites:

I believe that Exam season is a time to be Socially Informed rather than be socially engaged. If you take a note of it you would realize that you almost spend 2-3 hours a day on virtual social engagements which is not a Pause.Relax.Start kind of a break in any means, better way is to meet friends in person taking out time in evenings.


5) Body Posture:

book One of the biggest mistakes we have been doing since age’s is (not so alert but comfortable) kind of posture for Studying.

Our Body Posture determines our the level of alertness, concentration span, data retention capacity and efficiency. So, no point in studying 2 hours more than what is required to study a particular topic. Best way to study is sitting on a chair with a straight back with sufficient light and open space in front of your eyes.





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