Technophobia – An Uncanny valley

technophobiaHave you ever imagined a football match without a football? Have you ever thought of a clock without numbers or digits in it? Coming to my topic, have you ever imagined a human working his entire life without the use of a computer? It is just unimaginable, especially in this century because the trend is like God made man, man made computers and computer made man meaningful.

But there are individuals who think that this technologies will never help them, who hate computers, who curse technology, who abhort machenery, who disgust tools and who fear the artificial form of knowledge. These people never consider technology as their source of knowledge, instead they are always behind abolishing them from the society. And these social silent killers are called as Technophobians.

In exact definitions, technophobia is the fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices, especially computers. The term is generally used in the sense of an irrational fear. It is widely thought that this form of phobia is non-existent and is just a state of mind. Technophobia can also be seen not necessarily as the fear or dislike of technology, but rather as the love of what is natural and therefore artificial is always harmful.

As technologies become increasingly complex and difficult to understand, people are more likely to harbor anxieties relating to their use of modern technologies. A published report in 2000 stated that roughly 85 to 90 percent of new employees at an organization may be uncomfortable with new technology, and are technophobic to some degree.

History – How it all started:
Technophobia began to gain national and international attention as a movement with the dawn of the Industrial Revolution which lyed between the end of 18th and early 19th century. By 1727, the destruction of machines had become so prevalent Parliament made the demolition of machines a capital offense. After the world war II, human society has seen this terrific dark side and if it had continued, than that would be the last progressive day.

Many films portray the darker side of technology like Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”, Charlie Chaplin’s “Modern Times”. And modern films like “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and “The Terminator”, in which a computer becomes self-aware, and decides to kill all humans. It invokes a wide range of negative emotions, such as anxiety, incompetence, fear, stress and nervousness.

The Remedies to this phobia:
1. Hold seminars, workshops, on technophobia. The more we share information and knowledge on the topic, the easier it becomes for individuals to recognize that they have a problem. 2. Tell them that technophobia is not a shameful thing. Neither it is a disease. 3. Create a friendly learning environment. Educate people that failing a few times while learning new technologies is normal. In fact, the more you fail the more you learn.

Technology is here to stay and modern world cannot survive without it. That’s the simple truth. How we prepare for a world that is so dramatically different from what it was a decade ago only due to modernization and to prepare ourselves for the next decade. Some of us will definitely be sagas in the technology field but all of us must at least be supporting players. The choice has already been made for us and no one can change it henceforth.

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