100 days equals to a 1 minute act !

MICA, my dream college. Since I started my preparation for cat & other entrance tests, MICA was my priority. Visiting the college website, the forums, the FB groups & pages for current updates was a routine-thing now. Studying to be there. To be called a “MiCan” was a dream now.
2nd March 2014, Micat paper, being all dressed up, all excited with a little nervousness within. Ready to leave!

And I was told to sit back at home and not give the paper. Rebelled & was slapped to sit back, to see my dreams broke in a minute. “Being told I wasted 3years after my graduation doing NOTHING. I am a total waste & will be one. And even a door-mat is of a better use then me.”
But , did I ever asked why didn’t you let me go join my job when I got placed in 3rd semester of my graduation? Or did I ask why didn’t you let me go out whenever I had a call for a job? Or why did you hit me whenever I said something? Or did I ask what wrong have I done that I was not allowed to see a dream? Did I ask any of them!?
No! I didn’t.
I never did anything which could lead you down. Then why I am not supposed to see a dream or nurture it. Why!!??
And this isn’t about me or a Girl, this happens to be about every other Individual who gathers a GUT to see a dream and make it happen.
The people & the Society can talk 100 motivational things but when it comes at their own end they act like Cowards.
Yes! Cowards. Because they don’t have an ability to dream or make it happen. They have a mentality to rule. Rule over their wife’s, their children and who-so-ever they can rule upon. They break our ways, be our Barrier for their own selfish needs.
Seeing a dream & making it happen is not a Crime. We are all working for the lower class, the under-educated to provide them with at least the basic education. To empower them, to make them dream and full fill them. It is easy to move out & debate for hours. But what is happening in our own Homes!?
Aren’t the Educated Literate people the most ill-Literate ones?
Somebody said, “Correct someone, if you yourself are Correct”

So does the In-Correct one’s have the right to correct us?
Honestly there are enough of Bad & Incorrect people out there in the world, but you don’t need to be your own worst enemy. Don’t let people disrespect you or your dreams. To all the other dreamers out there, don’t ever stop or let the world’s negativity disenchant you or your spirit. If whatever you do is Right, then anything is possible.



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