10 quotes on work ethics

Work Ethics is not a new term for us. A lot has been written, said, discussed and perceived about this term Ethics. Even Business Schools take this subject seriously. So,what makes Ethics so special and relevant to our Corporate life and how these Ethics form a core part of our personality?

All the Businesses that have taken a Giant leap to become the best in their Industry follow a Strong Work Ethic. All the employees who have outperformed and got on the take the Top Jobs in their respective companies have a good work ethic which helps them achieve their Targets and help them and their company grow.

Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.
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“Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.”
-Potter Stewart

The common things which you find in them includes a strong sense of team work, these people value Relationships…
lets have a look at some quotes on Work Ethics and try to imbibe them in our lives:

1) ” Growth of a person is dependent on how the people around him will Grow”, you be a Catalyst in others Growth and you Grow exponentially…you cant grow by suppressing people around you.

2) Leaders take Responsibility…bring out the Leader in you irrespective of your Rank in the Organization.

3) Be Honest to your co-workers…have a positive vibe in your presence.

4) Always work for betterment, your company will be a paradise for you.

5) Be an Inspiration for your colleagues.

6) Fall in love with the world around you.

7) Believe in the vision of your company, this will take you and your company higher.

8) Help your team mates …this will grow trust and improve your relationship with your peers and you will get that unexpected help in tough times.

9) Do not work like a common workman, be Outstanding, be different!

10) Never sit for work after Office hours, this disrupts the work culture in the Office. Believe me you don’t earn any brownie points from your boss for Overtime. Be punctual , manage your time well.

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